Vanarama CEO and Founder adept at ‘clicks and mortar’

Founder and CEO Andy Alderson has seen first hand the rapid growth in the online vehicle business

Andy Alderson

Founder & CEO

Since joining the motor trade in 1992, Andy Alderson has seen some radical changes in how the industry operates. The most important change has been the rise of the internet and its evolution into a place customer can not only find vehicles deals, but carry out detailed research on the vehicles themselves. Now, Andy believes the industry is facing new challenges, including the transition of electric cars and commercial vehicles, the growing shift away from car ownership, the ongoing digital transformation, and financial challenges such as Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) taxes which hit company car users hard. 

One of Vanarama’s core values is ‘if it’s right for our customers, it’s right for us’, which works alongside the proposition pillars of Value, Selection and Convenience. The fully online journey allows every customer to receive the best service from the comfort of their own sofa, at a time that suits them.

“Our aim is to supply the most competitive leasing deals in the market today as well as provide such high levels of service that you buy from us again and are happy to recommend us to friends and family,” he says. 

“We are particularly competitive on commercial vehicles be it for one vehicle or a multiple purchase and can provide a one-stop solution to disposing of your current vehicle(s).”

He says he has had to change his leadership style over the years. “I like to believe I’m progressive, but it’s based on paranoia. I always imagine the worst-case scenario, which means we’re constantly innovating. On a personal level, I’m fairly laid back and inclusive.”

While initially sceptical about remote working, he is now more open to ‘hybrid’ working models for his 227 staff. “I was a nay-sayer, I thought ‘we need to get people in the office’ – not because I didn’t trust them, but I didn’t trust our ability to deliver. Having the right culture is really important to me, and I think COVID has actually strengthened our culture.”



You have to imagine the worst all the time, even when things are going well. One of our core values is ‘even if it’s brilliant, make it better

Andy Alderson | Vanarama

He prides himself in high levels of service and can draw on a broad range of leasing and automotive experience. Prior to joining Vanarama, he was Sales Director for Broads Motor Group for over nine years.

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