Increasing corporate valuations with AI, RPA and automation

Danilo McGarry discusses how automation technologies can impact a company's valuation

Danilo McGarry
Danilo McGarry

Globally recognised automation industry thought leader and practitioner

Previously one of the Heads of Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning at CitiGroup (3rd largest US bank, 17th largest Financial institution globally). Also previously senior management of Automation (RPA/Ai) in UnitedHealth Group (#5 on the Fortune 500). Advisor to the European Union Commission Ai Alliance. Published in The Times Newspaper, Bloomberg InfoMoney and other leading publications. Danilo is an experienced international keynote speaker and recognised as a global thought leader in the realms of Automation, RPA, Ai and Innovation. Ranked as top 10 people in the world for Automation by Thinkers 360.

Previous companies worked for include Motorola, JPMorgan, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Canada, UnitedHealth Group & CitiGroup

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As automation can help a company save or make money, and because of the way valuation calculation methods work – that then means that a successful automation programme has a direct impact on the valuation of a company

Danilo McGarry | Danilo McGarry