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Paddy Smith|Jan 14, 2021|magazine

4 min read

How to build an AI warship

Read NowAlways dreamed of building the warship of the future? Another eight contenders take their places in the government competition to do just that

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Verizon Skyward charts smart city 5G drone plan at CES 2021

Verizon has teamed up with UPS Flight Forward to announce a pilot programme for smart city 5G drones at CES 2021

Paddy Smith
|Jan 12, 2021|magazine

4 min read

HSBC enlists Silent Eight AI to fight financial cybercrime

Silent Eight announces multi-year deal with HSBC to support the bank in fighting financial cybercrime using AI tools

Paddy Smith
|Jan 06, 2021|magazine

3 min read

‘Cheap tricks’ and data mismanagement stymie AI progress

Researchers say machine learning models are compromised by poor data management and crude extrapolation

Paddy Smith
|Jan 05, 2021|magazine

6 min read

SageMaker machine learning updates shared at AWS re:Invent

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has announced new capabilities for Amazon SageMaker, including training data to mitigate bias and explain predictions.

Paddy Smith
|Dec 10, 2020|magazine

10 min read

Uber sells ATG self-driving unit to Aurora

Uber will retain a 25 per cent share in the Advanced Technologies Group after the sale to self-driving car company Aurora for an estimated $4bn

Paddy Smith
|Dec 08, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Data-driven insurance claims management given AI boost

Damco solutions partners with onmi:us AI to fast-track insurers’ adoption of data-driven cognitive claims management

Paddy Smith
|Dec 07, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Can AI be trusted?

Ethics in AI is hotly debated. How much control should we give machines? And whose fault will it be when they overstep?

Paddy Smith
|Dec 02, 2020|magazine

24 min read

Interview: Pascal Bornet on intelligent automation

Pascal Bornet is a world leader in intelligent automation (IA). He talks to AI about how the next industrial revolution’s effects go beyond business

Paddy Smith
|Dec 01, 2020|magazine

22 min read

Report calls for transparency in AI automation

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation calls for more transparency in algorithms for machine learning in the public sector

Paddy Smith
|Nov 30, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Top 8 sectors for AI growth

From healthcare to automotive, financial services to retail, these are the eight sectors most likely to benefit from advances in AI, according to PwC

Paddy Smith
|Nov 27, 2020|magazine

1 min read


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