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Paddy Smith|Dec 02, 2020|magazine

24 min read

Can AI be trusted?

Read NowEthics in AI is hotly debated. How much control should we give machines? And whose fault will it be when they overstep?

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Report calls for transparency in AI automation

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation calls for more transparency in algorithms for machine learning in the public sector

Paddy Smith
|Nov 30, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Top 8 sectors for AI growth

From healthcare to automotive, financial services to retail, these are the eight sectors most likely to benefit from advances in AI, according to PwC

Paddy Smith
|Nov 27, 2020|magazine

1 min read

Opteran secures £2.1m for insect-based AI

Opteran, a UK-based spin-out, will use the money to put “600 million years of evolution on to silicon” as it pursues insect-inspired natural intelligence

Paddy Smith
|Nov 26, 2020|magazine

5 min read

IDnow set to become first high-security AI ID tool

IDnow has cleared EU eIDAS regulations, clearing the path for it to be used for high-security transactions

Paddy Smith
|Nov 23, 2020|magazine

3 min read

Instana sale to advance IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy

Following its acquisition of Red Hat last year, IBM is buying Instana, a performance monitoring and observability company

Paddy Smith
|Nov 19, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Deep learning used to simulate aircraft turbulence

University of Illinois researchers develop physics AI to shake up understanding of in-flight turbulence and other physical phenomena

Paddy Smith
|Nov 17, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Cambridge University to build AI chemical research lab

The Innovation Centre in Digital Molecular Technologies (iDMT) at the University of Cambridge will employ machine learning for chemical engineering

Paddy Smith
|Nov 16, 2020|magazine

8 min read

Top 10 AI research labs

Who’s really behind advances in machine learning? Who’s driving the long road that leads to ‘real’ artificial intelligence? Find out in our top 10

Paddy Smith
|Nov 13, 2020|magazine

1 min read

Microsoft and Qualcomm unite to improve AI for developers

Microsoft and Qualcomm are collaborating on a project to improve the experience of AI and machine learning developers working with Azure IoT et al

Paddy Smith
|Nov 12, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Infosys launches Applied AI for digital acceleration

Infosys claims its new product, Applied AI, will futureproof AI-powered transformation and help enterprise to accelerate digitalisation

Paddy Smith
|Nov 11, 2020|magazine

7 min read


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